29 November 2016

Some Z3 coupe Press Photos

I have posted some press photos before, here are a few more.  The silver car is actually a 3.0i.

Some Z4 M Coupe Press Photos

Found these recently and I wanted to host them here in case they disappear someday.    Some are the factory GT car, but they show the condition those cars were actually delivered in.

20 November 2016

Rarity Sunday: M coupe Dealer Posters

BMW North America issued 2 posters for dealers with M coupes on them.  Both are 35.5 x 25.5 inches.  The first poster “Dare to Be Different” is mostly black and the more common of them two.  The second “Chili Pepper” is more rare.  These do not have BMW part numbers, but they were sold to dealers as promotional items (the dealer actually had to pay for these) through Centernet for $5 each.

More rare than the two M coupe posters, there are two other BMW-issued posters with M coupes on them.  The first is an M car celebration poster.  It reads “A Legendary Heritage of Winning Performance by Design”.  It is also 35.5 x 25.5 inches.  Details at BMW CCA Foundation are here:
This one features an M1, E30 M3, E28 M5, E34 M5, E36 M3, and the E36/7 and E36/8.

Lastly, there was an anniversary poster produced for the 10th anniversary of the South Carolina BMW factory "Plant Ten".  This poster had both an M and Z3 coupe on it.  It’s also 35.5 x 25.5 inches.

There is a Z3 dealer poster I really like, which is "Happiness is not around the corner.  Happiness is the corner".

Not E36/8, but equally cool, there was also a single MZ4 M Coupe E86 poster too.  Also 35.5 x 25.5.  “Wreaking serious havoc on the hierarchy of needs”.  BMW CCA Foundation record is here: http://bmwcca.pastperfect-online.com/38856cgi/mweb.exe?request=record;id=ABF4197B-7CCC-463A-A2C9-805977428770;type=101

And lastly, I do have 1 copy of the uber-rare E90 M3 poster.  This one is also 35.5 x 25.5, and it's double-sided.  One side is the E90 M3 (
Andy found the poster for me shortly before or after I bought my 2008 E90 M3 which is my daily "beater" car), the other side has an E92 M3.

17 November 2016

Supersprint DTM Exhaust

In a previous post, I removed the Supersprint DTM exhaust from my S54 M coupe and replaced it with a new, straight-tipped one.  I installed the DTM from the S54 onto the S52 coupenut project car.

I polished the cans and tips with Blackfire metal polish.  That worked out great, they look new.  I also cleaned everything really well once the cans were removed.  At one point in it's life, I think this differential leaked as there was a lot of residue to clean.  Now that everything underneath is as-new, I should be able to spot leaks and issues faster.  I used a heavy mix of Simple Green and water and also 3M General Purpose Adhesive remover to clean the underbody and components.

I installed the exhaust just like the S54, with a modified, custom bracket on the right/passenger aft can.  And, I modified the forward bracket on the right/passenger can too.  Just like the S54.  I normally buy OE BMW hardware, and this case is no exception, except for the copper exhaust nuts.  The stock setup for exhaust removal and replacement has some 13mm nuts, 13mm bolts, and 12mm copper nuts.  This makes the work tedious as you have to watch which wrench goes to which hardware.  As a change, I bought M8x1.25 copper exhaust nuts that are 13mm drive.  This made the work WAY easier than it was on my S54.  I recommend it.

The final installation is very, very good but I was not able to get one set of tips completely, dead nuts level.  I am within half a bubble though, so I will call it good.  During this mod, I decided to paint the differential casing with Eastwood semi-gloss black.  That worked out great and I wish I had done it on my S54.  I hand painted it; took my time.

I paid $800 for the DTM system many years ago.  I bought it from a good friend of mine in Seattle.  So for accounting purposes, I will call it $800, but I think it's worth more than that in this condition.

Supersprint DTM Exhaust system, used, $800a
Exhaust hanger at muffler cans, qty 4, 18211704198, $29.48r
Exhaust hanger mid point, round, qty 2, 18211105635, $9.15r
Copper exhaust nuts M8x1.25 with 13mm heads, bag of 25 nuts from Amazon,  $15.99 + $5.24 shipping

Total cost of this mod = $957.45
Total investment in vehicle to date = $14560.99

02 November 2016

Throwback: Motorweek M coupe review (1999)

I love Motorweek and I've watched it for years.  Here is a throwback review of the 1999 M coupe.  If anyone has a "Proud to Call South Carolina Home" license plate please send me an email.


01 November 2016

Some interesting part numbers: BMW Wheel Touchup Paints

Maybe you guys and the rest of the world already knows about these, but I did not.  I cannot speak to how well they match, but I bought them just-in-case and to see if they were still available.  I will do some matching tests to see how well they work at some point.

Chrome Shadow Wheel touchup kit, 51910427958, $39.52r
Basic BMW Silver Wheel touchup kit, 51910427864, $39.52r