07 September 2016

Garage Sale!

I will keep this post up to date with parts I have for sale.  Most of these came off the S52 coupenut car, but some are new, as described.  All prices include shipping and Paypal fee.  Shipping to lower 48 states in US only.  Email jonmaddux@leatherz.com to purchase.

Door entrance covers 51478399867 with qty 6 fasteners 51478399492, $91.34 and $5.40 retail, $45
Black interior door pulls (pair), 51221960829 and 51221960830, $48.96 retail, $22/pair
HK Amplifier, 65108400292, $1274-you-have-got-to-be-kidding retail, $100
Fan clutch, Original BMW, 55k miles, 11527831619, $272.38 retail, $60

HK coupe subwoofer, $50

HK front kickpanel speakers, 65138399656, pair, $109.47 retail each, $40/pair

HVAC display panel, 64118398898, knife-edge scratch in blue part of the dial, only visible at night, otherwise mint, $71.81 retail, $40

DICE link ipod adapter with cables, $65

HK front tweeters, removed from bezel, 65138400381, $96.31 retail each, $25/pair

E85/E86 MZ4 right rear brake rotor, removed from a car with 22k miles, thickness is 20.22 (min is 18.5 mm) part number 34212282304, $214.62 retail, $75.00.  Includes free complete set of stock rear pads, also with 22k miles

Ireland Z3 / ti subframe bushings, new in box, $85

Rear shocks mounts, new never installed, OEM BMW, pair 33521137972, $115.60/pair retail, $81
Z3 suspension gasket kit.  All you see here.  $15.

S54 oil pan gasket kit.  Includes 11131437237, 11137832023, and the dipstick o-ring.  $39.
Driver's side headlight with new bulbs, clear turn signal, black rings, 63122695021, all tabs perfect, spider web crazing on edge of lens, $250  More pics here.

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