14 October 2016

First Engine Oil Change

Right before I bought the car, the previous owner did an oil change.  This was at 57,800 miles.  Now I am a little over 60,000 miles.  But, it's been 12 months.  I like to change engine oil every 5,000 or 12 months, whatever comes first.  Mostly because I think the filter needs a change at least every 12 months, even with low miles on the oil.

Anyway, the previous owner was an Amsoil fanatic.  Amsoil may be (is, probably) a great oil, but I have always hated it.  I have never used it, so I am 100.00% biased and my hate is baseless.  Amsoil people tend to be self righteous.  And Amsoil is not easy to get, it always seems like it is sold via pyramid scheme of some kind.  I have always been loyal to Castrol, so I thought I would switch.

But, I have seen the inside of the top of this engine.  And the tailpipes are always super clean...  There is never anything in them to clean during washes.  This car doesn't burn any oil.  I am thinking I will continue to use Amsoil in this car and "let it ride".  So there it is.  I bought this Amsoil online direct from them, not through some pyramid scheme.

Amsoil 5W-40, 12 quarts (only need 6.5-6.75/change), EC-1 European formula, $100.10r shipped, $54.22r per change
Oil filter kit, 11427833769, $17.79r

Total cost of this mod = $72.01
Total investment in vehicle to date =$13603.54

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