02 May 2016

Seat Tilting Kit

Finally got around to installing the Thayer Motorsports seat-tilting kit.  The kit raises the 2 front mounting points of the seats a small amount, creating a more inclined seat bottom.  This increases the contact patch between you and the seat, reduces some of the pressure on your back side, and makes the whole car more comfortable.  Installation is a snap with Thayer’s instructions:  https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0741/9527/files/Z3_Seat_Mod_Kit.pdf?9136814087368276212  When I installed the kit per the instructions, the seat would rub on the two front 13mm mounting nuts as it crossed them.  Not cool.  To fix, I reluctantly put 2 fender washers under the seat rails on top of one another, and no fender washer under the stock/factory 13mm nuts.  Now it doesn’t rub.  Now you don't see a silver fender washer.  The factory seat rail is quite stout and should distribute the load under the nut ok without the fender washer.  I think the threaded rods in the kit are a tiny bit too long.  Please reply to this post if you have noticed a similar issue!!

Total cost of this mod = $17.99r

Total investment in vehicle to date = $11,638.25r

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