02 May 2016

Clutch, Revisited for the last time?

Even though I reworked the clutch pedal in another post, I still wasn’t happy with it.  Even with nice Delrin bushings and carefully-lubed points, it still squeaked.  And felt “funny”.  I had forgotten that on my S54, when I did it’s pedal ~14 years ago, I deleted the overly-complex M over-center spring and replaced it with a non-M simple extension spring.  I should have done this right the first time.  Anyway, I took the pedal back out, added 2 grommets and the extension spring, and buttoned everything back up.  Now the 2 cars have the same clutch pedal feel.  Now there is no squeaking.  Now the clutch pedal doesn’t rest in a somewhat canted position.  Much better.  I also screwed the UUC big boy clutch stop that came with the car all the way in.  Now the car goes into first gear much smoother, although I have to push the pedal down another 1/8 inch.

Clutch spring, 35 21 1 158 489, need 1, $3.76r

Clutch spring grommets, 35 31 1 113 725, need 2, $3.41r each

Total cost of this mod = $10.58r

Total investment in vehicle to date = $11,190.50r

Parts with part numbers

Lower part of the spring visible here

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