08 March 2016

Steering Wheels from Tainik

I bought a newly remanufactured steering wheel for this car from ebay user Tainik.  His real name is Dimitri Maar.  I plan to install the wheel I bought after I put the headliner back in.

When I got the wheel from Dimitri, I was thrilled with the quality.  The black leather he uses in a full grain leather, like Nappa leather.  Not the corrected grain like on the stock wheel.  And, he adds a little padding to the wheel making it much nicer to hold (thicker) and look at.

After getting the first wheel, I ordered 2 more from him.  One for my S54 coupe and one for AndyM's (my brother) Z3 coupe.  For my wheel, I sent Dimitri OEM BMW walnut leather.  I have a few hides of walnut that I picked up before they went NLA.  For Andy's wheel, I sent him black Spinneybeck Marissa suede (currently used in Andy's car) and specified that Dimitri use Dakar Yellow thread.  Andy also wanted the ///M badge on the steering wheel deleted.  The results are fantastic.

When you need a new wheel for your car, I highly encourage all of you to buy one from Dimitri.  His work is better than factory.

This wheel will get installed in the Coupenut S52, after the new headliner is installed.


  1. You're giving me "the wants," you know...

    Now that my blue car (aka the Zoran/Jen Coupe) is free & clear, I told Sue we could reopen conversations about buying new couches, tires and now I guess, steering wheels! The Coupe has a (recovered) Raid wheel, making the steering wheels of the black and gray cars feel less than spectacular. Add to that the occasional car that comes through here with padded/recovered wheels and the stock wheel really is disappointing.