25 February 2016

Rear Swaybar, Rear Trailing Arm Bushings, Alignment, Paintless Dent Removal

The car is basically done but I need help with professionals with a few end-of-the-line jobs.  One is an alignment, after installing tie rods.  The other is paintless dent repair on a few dings.  And, because of recent pressure from my wife at home, and the fact that I don't own a press for them, rear trailing arm bushing replacement.  Enter European Road and Racing.  They can do all of these items in one stop.  In my city, this is the place to go for BMW service and maintenance work.  They are pricey however, as you will see below.  On the other hand, they do good work, they were willing to work with parts (and instructions and torque values) that I provided.  And, it's a good reminder to me how expensive pro mechanics are.  I cannot even guess what a pro would have charged for all the mechanical work I have done to the car to date.  Thousands and thousands, for sure.

I used Lemforder rear sway bar links.  The Lemforders not only have the correct and latest Boge bushings pre-pressed in them, but they are the OEM BMW links.  Just that the "BMW" name is spot-face-milled off.  I touched up the spot faced area with Rustoleum red paint to keep corrosion out.

One trick I do use is to mark all the parts.  Even with good guys like European.  This way when I get the car back I can look at the parts and be sure they used the new ones I provided.  I paint red witness marks on them as shown.

Trailing Arm Bushing Set, Lemforder, FCP Euro, 33329061945, need 2, $16.99r
Self Locking Hex Nut, need 4, BMW 07129900047, $1.22r each
Bolt, need 2, BMW 33321136406, $13.70r each
Rear sway bar mounting bushings, set, BMW 33551094551, $10.04 (pair)
Rear sway bar link, Lemforder, FCP Euro, comes with nuts and bolts, 33551131131, $10.99 each need 2

Labor, dings, various numbers, $375.00r
Labor, alignment, $79.95r
Labor, bushing installation on rear sway bar and rear trailing arm bushings, $891.00r

Total cost of this mod = $1471.63r
Total investment in vehicle to date = $9624.65

Marked parts with red paint

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