21 August 2016

Rarity Sunday: BMW coupe Art Collection "As Seen By"

When the M coupe was first released, BMW commissioned 4 famous photographers to help commemorate and capture the car.  The series was called "As Seen By", where the idea was to get "enlightened" artists to try to explain what they thought the M coupe was all about.  

Certain countries had the photos in a brochure for the car (which means there was a seam down the center of some/all of the prints, but BMW also released (gave away?) special commemorative boxes of high res prints as a kit.  I bought this one from a Bimmerfest member during a charity auction years ago.  I might have paid $50 or $100 for it, but I think this set is worth much more than that.  I don’t care for the eyeball picture, so I never framed it.   I do keep the other 3 prints framed in my office.

There are some Youtube videos about these photos:

The set came in this box that unfolds from all sides.  The box is about 11 x 16 inches.
These are the 4 photographers' names
Set opened

Cool details

There were 4 mylar protective sheets, one for each photograph
I took these outdoor with natural light and did my best to capture them.
Each photo is about 11 x 16

Estoril is a nice color, but I don't care for this one. 

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  1. We found two of the brochures but this is the first we knew of a boxed set of prints. Nice to have.