28 August 2016

Rarity Sunday: The M coupe Banner

In the late 90s, BMW issued banners to dealers to help advertise the cars.  The M coupe was one of them.  They provided a banner that is 29 x 72 inches, with a wood dowel rod and a string integrated into it.  My dealer gave me one or two for free at one point.  We bought as many as we could from the local dealer in Cincinnati, Jake Sweeney BMW.  They were ordered through Centernet, which dealers use to buy promotional materials through BMW.  We paid $50 each and we sold or gave them away to our best customers (you know who you are).  I kept one of them when all was said and done.  The same dealer sold us M coupe posters for $5.  At the time, we honestly bought all we could afford, but it surely would be nice to pay $50 / $5 nowadays!

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