13 December 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Thought I would write a post about 'what to buy a coupe nut' for the holidays.  There is a lot of cool coupe stuff to be had, for sure, but I wanted to suggest something original.  For 2016, here is my suggestion.

I got this idea from a visit to Randy Forbes' garage.  Randy had tons and tons of small consumable parts in stock.  I do too, but I don't have them as organized as he does.  I bought 2 nice Stanley small parts organizers from Amazon and I filled them with small frequently used parts for coupes.  One box is mostly interior parts, the other is exterior.  I made labels with my label maker for each bin, and I printed the last 7 digits of each part number.  This makes it easy to order replacements when needed.  There is still room to grow, I didn't do any of the electrical connectors and pins, bulbs, etc.

When you browse EPC, the last 7 digits of a part number is usually enough to find the part you are looking for. 

So, if you know a coupenut and you are stumped for a gift idea, consider this one.  The cases and parts in the pics are going to a coupenut I know...

Oil drain plug, S54 07119904550
Oil drain plug gasket 07119963151
Coolant block drain gasket 07119963225
Diff plug with o-ring 33117525064
Diff plug gasket 07119963355
Black interior caps 51161949793
Black interior caps, large 51181823474
Subwoofer cover expanding rivets 51488353567
Square covers in rear hatch area 51478401899
Windshield cowl expanding rivets 51718195811
Windshield cowl females 51718186501
Gill clips 51138399231
1/4 turn fasteners, rear hatch area 51468401895
1/4 turn fasteners, footwells 51161932255
Copper exhaust nuts Use M8x1.25 with 13mm heads 11621744323
License plate cap, black 51181823474
License plate cap, white 51181813017
Rear bumper buffer  51311925433
Interior clip, door panel, etc. 51411973500
Side airbag, L, black 51418413215
Side airbag, R, black 51418413216
Cargo tie down closeout, black 51478149010
Dead pedal 1/4 turn , black 51458116321
Door sill, small (2)  51441854624
Door sill, cover cap (2) 51478399492
Door sill, main clip (12)  51478236385
Coolant drain 17111719384
Fuel door buffer 51178153364
Headliner expanding rivet (2) 51111944537
Headliner (2) 51471911992
6411 dome light bulb 10W 6411
Chrome Z8 engine cap nut 11121401517
Door access cover, oval 51211975404
Underbody heat insulation nut 07146949380
Wheel well liner expanding nut 63171367868
Wheel well liner expanding nut #2 07146976114
Wheel well liner expanding nut #3 63131378066
Underbody screw 07119900409
Underbody screw 07147129161
Underbody screw 07149149399
Wheel well liner speed nut 07129904217
Speed nut, center console (2 per car) 07146988451
Oil drain plug, S52/M54 11131273093
Engine cover cap 11121726089
Engine cover cap, s52 only (2) 11121403345

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