10 December 2016

Rarity Sunday: The M coupe Press Release License Plate

When the M coupe was released and shown at auto shows in the US, it frequently had a special license plate on it.  I got one circa 1999 from my dealer parts guy.  I have it hanging in my garage.  Years later, I was able to locate an M3 one to match.  There is an M roadster version of this plate, too.  The gray S54 M coupe is a picture I took at the LA Auto Show when the S54 M coupe was first released.  It has the same plate.  The picture is time stamped 1/5/2001.


  1. Nice! Man I wish I could've been there. This was the best era for BMW.

  2. Already having an 01 Rdstr on order__before there was confirmation they'd even build one__I remember walking up to the M Rdstr on BMW's display at the Detroit Auto Show, saying "excuse me" to the young boy sitting in the driver's seat (his dad, in the right seat was equally stunned) and reached along side his leg to open the hood. I needed to see for myself that there was an S-54 under the hood!

    That was in early January 2001, and it wouldn't be until the end of August before we'd take delivery of LJ80510 at the PDC. It was a good era.

  3. That show car, when it was in Denver, was what began my 10 year search for steel gray over imola red. I have both the M Coupe and M Roadster plates :-).