19 October 2015

Clutch Pedal Bushing Service

While I had the seats out to help with removing the headliner, I took the opportunity to replace the clutch pedal bushings with delrin units from Rogue Engineering.  When I did this 13 or 14 years ago on my S54, it was a horrendous job.  Much easier the second time, even after all these years.  It also might be slightly easier on the S52 as I remember having to remove a large power distribution box on the S54 that wasn't there for the S52.  The sequence is everything.  And, do not stress or disturb the clutch master cylinder assembly.  You can actually create squeaks if you do.  The trick is remove only one of the 2 10mm bolts securing the master cylinder (see second image below, part number 6, annotated with a red "5" for sequence, the other bolt is not shown), and leave the other in place.  I annotated some TIS drawings of the sequence I used for removal.  Follow the steps in numerical order for disassembly, clean and use Superlube on everything and re-install in exact opposite sequence.

Rogue Engineering clutch pedal bushings = $20.00r
Total price of this mod = $20.00 
Total investment in vehicle to date = $692.29

The clutch pedal squeaked in this car, and was obviously crooked.

Stock split bushings on top, Rogue delrin on bottom

Use Superlube at all mating and sliding surfaces, everywhere.

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