22 December 2015


Did some headlight improvements.  I don't care for any of the aftermarket headlight designs offered.  And I don't want to deal with the learning curve and the labor to make something like an E38/E39 upgrade (which, I admit, would look nice).  So, following this article, I upgraded the headlight bulbs to HIR.  I bought them from this store for $73.00r/set.

Polished the headlights with 3M restoration kits.  The 3M kit works great, but I think it's a stretch to do 2 lights with one kit.  So I bought 2 kits, one for each headlight.

I tried to protect the lenses with Lamin-X clear film but I was unhappy with my DIY result.  I am going to ask my detailer to install another set of them, hopefully better than I did.

Philips German-made 9012 and 9011 HIR bulbs, high and low beams, $73.00r
3M Headlight restoration kit, used one for each headlight, $14.99r each
Lamin-X clear film for Z3, $34.95r

Total cost of this mod = $137.93
Total investment in vehicle to date = $6454.99


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