22 January 2016

Door Improvements

The windows on the car are slow going up and down.  I knew I was going to open the door panels and service the sliders, so might as well knock out a few other improvements at the same time.  As previously noted, this car came with black plastic interior door pulls.  The chrome now only have a nicer look, but they are heavier and more fitting of the coupe's nature.  I removed and replaced all 4 of the window sliders, as well as cleaned out all of the old grease and replaced everything with Superlube.  I also replaced the stock midrange speaker with a JL tweeter, part of the C5 component system that is partly installed now.  The JL tweeter perfectly replaced (and I mean PERFECTLY fit, the HK midrange.  The JL woofers I put into the kick panels did not fit perfectly, I had to cut away some material on the aluminum baskets/frames to match the factory bolt pattern.  This was disappointing, as the woofers from the Alpine 5-1/4 component system I used in the rear fit exactly right.  The butyl tape on the insulation had hardened, so I replaced all of it with new and also repaired any punctures and tears in the foam insulation with metalized thermal tape.

Window sliders, set of 4, 51321938884, $3.57r
JL Audio C5-525 Component Speaker System, $499.95r
Chrome interior door pull R, 51222261150, $60.65r
Chrome interior door pull L, 51222261149, $60.65r
Side airbag plaque, left = 51418413215, right = 51418413216, $3.62r each
Mirror blank, 51411903734, $18.66r
Door panel clips, replaced all with new,  X per door needed, 51411973500, $0.42r each, need 14 to do both doors
Butyl tape for door panel insulation liners, already bought and used on windshield cowl replacement  UPDATE 3/30/16:  Do not use this product on the vapor barriers!!! Total cost of this mod = $656.60
Total investment in vehicle to date = $7508.50

New parts

Forwards slider position (black channel) and really old door insulation seal

Forward door slider, locking pin

Aft door slider, side airbag removed

HK midrange on the right, JL tweeter on the left.

New 3M Window Weld installed.

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