22 January 2016

Stoopid Washer Tank

When I got the car, the washer tank was dry.  It was also missing the interior strainer that goes inside the top of the tank to keep debris out.  I replaced the strainer.  Great.  Eventually I got around to getting a gallon of fluid thinking "this is great.  Here is a super-easy mod for me.  Just pour the fluid into the tank and we're done".  Not so, porkchop.  I put the fluid in and then I heard a significant leak running out onto the garage floor.  Sooner or later I will get a "cake" mod/fix, but this wasn't to be it.

The washer pump had a crack or failure in the diaphragm of the check valve.  Ok.  Need a new washer pump.  If I am doing that, might as well replace the whole tank and make the engine bay look new again.

I have been unable to locate the correct part number for the washer tank cap.  I have been unable to locate the correct part number for the seal that goes around the washer pump/washer tank interface (I thought it was 61661365657).  If you find these, please comment on this post.  The numbers listed at realoem will get you the wrong parts!

Washer pump, 67128377987, $79.31r
Washer tank, 61608383546, $49.12r
New washer fluid, about $3r from wherever.

Total cost of this mod = $128.43r
Total investment in vehicle to date = $7636.93

New washer pump
Old tank on left, new tank on right.  Cap is sad and ass-colored no matter what.
Neither of these 2 part numbers will work.


  1. Jon, curious why you did not go with a new 2.5l washer tank?

  2. S Ange, I guess I just wanted to leave it original. Is the cap available for the 2.5? Is the 2.5 available in the US currently?

    1. Jon, the clear plastic factory cap is NLA. The black cap is the only available option. The 2.5 washer tank was available within the US. Very limited supply when I acquired one at the end of Oct 2015. P/N = 61668370835

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