02 February 2016

License Plate Trim Screws

One part number I struggled with was replacement license plate trim screws.  The OEM screws are nice (if you ask me) because they provide a clean, non-cheesy look for the plate.  I had already trimmed my plate with edging trim from McMaster Carr.  The correct part number for the screws in the rear of the car is 07146959892.  Note the coarse threads and flattened tip.  Another very similar part is 07143448498.  The 498 part is self tapping and I assume used when you screw directly into a bumper (yikes).  White screw caps are 51181813017.

1 comment:

  1. I wish more people would use the correct rear plate screws__for coupes & Rdstrs__and I would spend less time reattaching their license plate plinths.
    Using too long of a screw contacts the hatch/trunk panel beneath the plinth, forcing it off the panel and breaking the bond of the VHB double-sided tape.
    I enjoyed seeing the mirror led pictures this morning; it was nice to see Ron's highly detailed images back in circulation. Sigh...