15 May 2016

Rarity Sunday: Dealer Interior Samples

In the 1980s, my mom shopped for a E30 325i at one point.  I remember the trips to the dealer to look at them.  I studied the brochures and knew every word eventually.  In the 1980s, and even into the late 1990s, BMW dealers used to have physical samples of both paint finishes and interiors that you could have so you could better make decisions about your cars.  I don't think that's the case any more.  In fact, I think the availability of printed brochures in general is pretty grim at this point.  Back in the very early days, the dealer we (LeatherZ) used to buy parts from sent me 2 interior samples for interiors he knew I was interested in.  I didn't even own my coupe at this point.  Anyway, these are the 2 samples.  One is Walnut, for the Z3 2.8 coupe, the other is Kyalami Orange, for the M coupe.  The Walnut sample has Walnut leather on one side and the other section is a sample of the vinyl texture that covers the glovebox and door panels.  The Kyalami sample has both Kyalami Orange leather and black Napa leather.  And also the vinyl texture from the door panels.  Both samples are about 6" x 8" in size and marked as shown.  Does anyone else have these?  I think they are probably pretty rare at this point.

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