29 May 2016

Rarity Sunday: The Z Keychain –or– The Perfect Gift for a Coupenut

Sometime in the 1996-1998 time frame, BMW released a keychain that was simply “Z”.  The font exactly matches the Z3 font.  It was a well-made, heavy piece.  The rumor was however, that Nissan sued BMW over the keychain claiming they had trademarked “Z” for the 350Z car.  Regardless of the truth, the keychain became No Longer Available (NLA) very quickly and it was replaced by the currently-still-available “Z3” keychain  80230432391 for $29.95r.  Andy and I have always liked and collected BMW keychains and I have posted about them before on this blog.  This one is no exception.  In fact, we used to sell these at LeatherZ back in the day.  Neither Andy nor I have ever been great about inventory management...  Turns out we over-sold these keychains and I had to give my personal new in box one to a customer as a sold order.  That was nearly 20 years ago. 

This year for my birthday, Andy sent me a small box.  Inside was a used, but still in original box, “Z” keychain Andy found on ebay Germany. For me this was the one that got away.  I am pretty proud and excited for it.

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