02 May 2016

Steering Wheel and Instrument Cluster Bulbs

Finally got around to installing the refurbished steering wheel I bought from ebay user Tainik.  Looks even better in the car.  I moved the original slip ring from the original wheel over to the new one.  While I had the wheel out of the car, I removed the instrument panel and I replaced all of the bulbs.  I figure they have been there since 1999 and I might as well replace them pre-emptively.  I used OEM parts (not BMW OE) from ECS Tuning for the bulbs, and they are identical to the factory bulbs in every way.  Save money this way.  I was hoping that I had a bulb or two out, but all were fine.  I guess the S52 cluster doesn't light up perfectly evenly like the S54.  Oh well.

Refurbished MZ3 steering wheel from Tainik on ebay, with shipping from Germany, Nappa Leather, $385.00r

Illumination bulb, 3 watt, need 3, BMW OE, 07119905358, $3.00r each

Warning bulb, 1.2 watt, need 14, Osram Sylvania, 62131383311, $1.99r each (versus $4.90r each for OE BMW)

Odometer illumination bulb, 1.5 watt, need 2, Osram Sylvania, 62111391260, $3.95r each (versus $5.98r each for OE BMW)

Total cost of this mod = $429.76r

Total investment in vehicle to date = $11,620.76r

BMW versus Osram/ECS bulbs, no difference.

Flash from the camera makes the airbag look shiny, in real life the wheel and the airbag look fantastic together.

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