30 November 2015

Front Control Arm Service

Replaced the control arms tonight.  I used the puller tools from Moosa at MIS here and here.  The MIS tools aren't beautifully finished by any means but they work.  The second tool that removes and installs the actual bushings is very tricky to use.  Probably best to have a local garage (or a press, if you have one) do that work instead of using his tool.  You can get new bushings from Lemforder, but unlike other models the only control arms themselves I could find are original BMW parts.  I did watch this video and this one for tips on how to do this work.

Control Arm Wishbone, left, 31122228461, $226.08r
Control Arm Wishbone, right, 31122228462, $226.08r
BMW Control Arm Bushing Kit Front (E36 M3 Z3) - Lemforder 31129069035, $31.99r (set of 2) from FCP Euro
Self locking nut, 31106774714, need 2, $2.00r each
Washer, 31111114348, need 4, $1.84r each
Bolt, 31111137888, need 4, $5.34r each
Self locking nut, 32216769539, need 2, $1.77r each

Total price of this mod = $520.41r

Total investment in vehicle to date = $4,264.19

Access to the top nut on the driver's side is quite poor.  Passenger is much easier.
Control Arm Removal Tools
MIS Puller Tool
MIS Puller Tool
Old bushing on left, note the "98" marking.  New bushing on right, note the "15" marking
Pulling the bushing out of the lollipop
Pulling the newly-loaded lollipop back onto the control arm

All new hardware
New arm installed
New arm installed
New arm installed

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