13 November 2015


When I washed the car, I noticed water pooling in the fuel filler neck seal behind the gas door.  Turns out the drain was clogged.  I fixed it with a careful cleaning and then snaked a 22 AWG stiff wire down the length of the drain tube.  All clear now.  The locking drain cap is original to the car and keyed to the ignition, but it is missing the original lanyard to tie it to the fuel door.  So that's a part to work on for later.

Fishing a stiff wire down the drain will clear out any debris.
Also noticed in the parts catalog you can buy replacement clear paint film rounds.  Cool.  In another post I had to make my own.  These replacements are larger than the original ones.  Maybe they will stay in place better.  I like them more than the stock ones and will probably replace all of the ones on my Imola S54, too.  You need 6 total.

New paint film in place, you can see under it where the car had run for years (?) without it.  These easily come off the original cars and most don't have it.  Excuse the uncleanliness.

Clear film rounds, 51711922189, $2.12r each, need 6 to do the whole car

Total price of this refreshment = $12.72r


  1. Jon, just an FYI, the p/n for the 'hockey stick' clear film = 51148410662

  2. The first p/n is for the right side. The left side = 51148410661

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  4. S Ange, great work!! Thank you for posting those!!!!

    1. You are welcome! The first pair I initially ordered came from Germany. The last few pairs I have ordered came from the US inventory. Considering that these begin to deform after a few years I have stocked up. I'm sure they will go NLA at some point.