06 November 2015

Wheels and Tires

The tires that came with the car had some life left in them, but the rears were dangerously close to the wear bars and all 4 were 2008 vintage.  The wheels didn't have any severe curb rash, but there were many scrapes and dings and attempts at repair.  Even though this is an S52, all 4 wheels that came with the car were S54 Chrome Shadow models.  I have heard the same as you, that Prince Wheels in North Carolina is the place to get Chrome Shadow wheels refinished.  Supposedly no one else can come close.  I had had good luck with the local place, Jett Wheels in Charleston.  Hugh Jett is the owner.  Jett did our MZ4 wheels and he did the gloss black on my E90 M3 Style 220M 19" forged wheels.  All with great service.  He is a Tire Rack installer, so you can get the whole job done in one stop.  He did a very very nice job on these.  The barrels are black.  The finish is not quite OEM when you compare them to my S54 wheels, but it is still fantastic and these will look great on the silver car.

Michelin Pilot Super Sports, Tire Rack, $667.84r shipped
Refinished Chrome Shadow Roadstars, $207.00r each
Dispose of old tire, mount balance, new valve stems, $20.00r each

Total cost of this mod = $1575.84r
Total investment to date in vehicle = $3049.51

Wheel on the left is refinished, wheel on the right is Original BMW

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