23 November 2015

License Plate Trim

Trimmed the edge of my license plate today.  I don't use plastic or metal plate trim rings.  Instead, years ago, I followed a post by S54 roaster owner Daniel McRobb.  "dwm" used sheet metal edge trim from McMaster Carr to finish out his plate.  It looks fantastic and it is functional.  To install, I used contact cement on the back of the plate only.  Many other glues would probably work too.  I bought a 25 foot piece because I had more than one plate to do.  You can use much less if you are only doing one or two plates.

McMaster Carr Rubber Edge Trim 8507K61, 25 feet, $18.00r

Some S54 love 
Rare Original BMW Motorsport Banner shown


  1. I have a question if you are still watching this thread. Where did you get the screw caps? And is it correct that you only used the glue around the perimeter on the back side of the plate?

  2. Caps are OEM BMW and you can buy at any dealer. I only used a little contact cement at the corners and at the ends. Yes, back side only.

  3. That's great that you replied. I really appreciate it.