18 November 2015

Giubo Service and Transmission Mounts

Found a crack in the giubo inspecting the car.  When you find a crack do not wait to replace this part.  It is easy to inspect and there are no excuses for not checking it at oil changes.  If you are replacing a giubo you might as well replace the transmission mounts as well.  I had a long hard look at the driveshaft center bearing support, but decided to "leave it be" for now.  That said, I am so used to replacing every part I can with new, I am second guessing that choice now.

Cracked giubo was replaced.
This car has been apart before.  I did notice the driveshaft center bearing support was NOT preloaded when I took the car apart.  Zero.  I reassembled with it preloaded, 4mm towards the front of the car.  Also, the locking ring for the front part of the driveshaft was not torqued, at all.  Correct torque for it is 10 Nm.

Part number 7/8 was loose.
Correct torque for this is 10 Nm.

During this work I removed the heat shields between the exhaust and the driveshaft.  Found a nice collection of dead spiders, spider nests, insects, grit, and gravel.  All cleaned.  Did my best to clean the heat shields but some cosmoline remains.

Self locking nut 07129900047, qty 6, $1.20r each
4 each Nut 26111227843, qty 4, $9.15r each
1 each giubo  26112226527, qty 1, $177.64r
1 each Sleeve 26117526611, qty 1, 7.77r
6 each Bolt  26117635643, qty 6, $4.66r each
1 set Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts, $55.00r

Total cost of this mod = $312.17r
Total investment in vehicle to date = $3743.78

Note BMW wants you to turn the nuts, not the bolts!  This is nearly impossible for some of the 6 connections.  If you do turn a bolt, turn bolts up against the flange.
Cleaned heat shields, except for some cosmoline.

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