02 February 2016

Autodimming Mirror

This coupe came with the original, huge oval mirror with manual day/night dimming.  I don't care for the huge-ness.  I replaced mine with a MY2000 S52 autodimming mirror.  This is identical to the S54 mirror, but without the chrome ring around it.  I actually like the S54 one and it's my preferred mirror, but that mirror is substantially more expensive than this one, and this one is already pretty pricey.

While I was installing the mirror, I integrated an alarm LED.  Like what I did on my S54 ~14 years ago, I copied Ron Stygar's design.  It looks OEM this way.  This time I used BMW connectors... one connector for mirror power and one for the alarm LED.  Turns out Radio Shack is somehow still in business.  They shipped me the $3.49 LED for free in a huge box that clearly cost more than the LED to ship.  We'll see how long they are around this time.

Rear view mirror, 51167891423, $475.69r
LED, Radio Shack part, 2760086, $3.49r
LED holder, Radio Shack part, 276092, $0.99r
Connector kit, 61120029488, $8.66r, need 2
Connector, 61138373583, $2.93r, need 2
Pins, 61130005200, $1.53r each, need 4

Total cost of this mod = $509.47 
Total investment in vehicle to date = $8146.40

Mirror is out of focus but the rare BMW logo plaque is in focus on the wall

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