07 February 2016

Closing in on Roll Out

I moved the car from the shop garage to the main garage yesterday.  There is still work to do... the headliner is not complete and is not installed.  The rear glass will be replaced, then I will re-install the repainted hatch spoiler and rear wiper.  I am scheduling an appointment for an alignment and paintless dent repair on the dings.  Then I'm having the scratched mirrored tint removed and replaced with Llumar film.  But, the main work is just about done.

I parked the car next to my wife's M Coupe.  I just washed her car Friday.  Her car is a 2006 and it is a 10/10 garage queen car.  It has 24k miles on it and it's flawless.  But, when the S52 car is parked next to it, pound-for-pound and inch-for-inch, with the unfinished work noted above, it is nearly as good.  It's easily a 9/10 car when it's finished in the next weeks.  If I repaint the front bumper and the hood, it will be dangerously close to a 10/10 car.  I'm really pleased.  This car probably stated as a 7/10 car and although most of my work was on the mechanicals, it cleaned up really, really well.  I am excited to get her on the road again.  These pictures are crappy garage pics with flash, but hopefully they show how great the car looks.

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