15 February 2016

Windshield Washer Tank Cap

After replacing the washer pump and fluid reservoir, I was unable to locate a replacement cap for the tank.  The old cap was fine, but it had yellowed and it was obviously old compared to all the new parts.  Arslan discovered than an E28/E30/Z1/2002/M1 washer tank cap fits perfectly.  It isn't tethered like the original, but it fits just as securely and it's not old and yellow. 

Washer tank cap, 61661364807, $6.62 retail each

Total investment in vehicle to date = $8153.02

Old cap, yellow and ass-colored.

Cap from an E28 5-series and many of the old classic BMWs

New cap installed

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Going to order a few for the E36/7 & the E30.