14 September 2016

Completing the toolkit

I like to carry a complete tool kit in all my cars.  As previously posted on this blog, this car did come with the 71111096023 jack fixture plate in the trunk.  Early S52 M coupes did all come with this fixture, but no jack and no lug wrench.  At some point in production (including all S54s), that fixture was replaced with a flat storage plate, 51712694649, which let you store other things and offered a little more space.  I prefer to have the tools just in case who-knows-what happens.

The straps that hold the lug wrench and jack used to be available from BMW, but now they are No Longer Available (NLA).  I used McMaster equivalent straps, which were inexpensive, nice quality, and easy to get.

The jack I received is beefed up significantly from the one in my S54, which is 2001-2002 vintage, even though they both have the same part number.  It has thicker metal, better paint/powdercoat, and more weldments.

Crank, 71122228423, $16.90r
Jack, 71121093476, $88.83r
Tire bag, 71121182667 , $6.99r
Strap, short, McMaster 3955T89, $1.36
Strap, long, McMaster 3955T241, $1.44

Total cost of this mod = $115.52
Total investment in vehicle to date = $13531.53

OEM BMW strap on the far left.  McMaster straps (2) to the right.

More weldments on the later jack

2001-2002 era jack with OEM straps in my S54 coupe

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  1. Did the same thing here in New Zealand (where you can be a looooong way from help if a tyre deflates)Bought a seventeen inch space saver rim and tyre and a bag with straps from BavAuto, fits in the trunk just right.