02 September 2016

Subtle Arrogance (a.k.a.: Illuminated rear storage bay)

One of the mods Andy and I have on our other coupes is an LED light from the E38 7-series in our rear console.  No, it doesn’t make the car any faster.  No, it’s not as obvious of a mod as Coupes with 3xx-series wide tires and rolled fenders.  But, it is just as arrogant if you ask me.  And it's functional.  A dirty old man who really knew Z-series coupes used to say "every car needs bl*wjob lights".  While I do not agree with making crass statements in public like he did, I do think he was right.  On our other coupes, we have this same LED in the interior door handle recesses.  I didn't do that mod on this coupe (yet). 

Dimmed lighting comes from the ashtray illumination wire harness under the center console.  Gray/red is dimmed lighting and brown is ground.  I used an LED light lens I had from Mouser.com

E38 Amber LED light assembly, 63316975019, $21.27r

Total cost of this mod = $21.27r

LED lens installed

LED and LED lens held in place with JB Weld

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