13 September 2016

LeatherZ Mark2 UGDO Universal Garage Door Opener Armrest

Years ago, we used to sell both Mk1 and Mk2 armrests with the BMW/Johnson Controls Homelink Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO).  BMW sold Mk1 lidsets with UGDOs integrated in them.  The UGDO is a nice feature, especially in convertibles, because it doesn't need batteries and it only works when the key is in the ignition.  And it cuts down on clutter in the car.  And the buttons illuminate BMW amber.  BMW made many versions of the UGDO and the part numbers show it... try to buy the later/last part numbers when you look them up.  A good tip is to follow EPC when it says "superseded by".

You cannot buy new UGDOs from BMW any more.  You have to find used ones on ebay and that's what I did.  It is built into a new black Mk2 armrest.  Install is simple if you have a BMW pin removal tool, the UGDO borrows power from the car's pre-wired cell phone connector cable.

LeatherZ doesn't sell UGDO armrests directly, but if you source a UGDO module, you can work with Andy and he will integrate it into an Mk2 armrest for you.

[for a real throwback, when we first started making Mk1 leather armrests, BMW sold us the part for $17 and change apiece.  They had it priced wrong but that same part now is worth hundreds of dollars, easy!!]  

UGDO used, ebay, $45.00r
Mk2 Black lid-only armrest custom ordered to accept UGDO, LeatherZ, $150.00r

Total cost of this mod = $195.00
Total investment in vehicle to date = $13416.01

I used these pins and plugs to make the UGDO connection removable.  The female sockets are already in the X400 connector on the car.

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  1. Hey Jon. How does the wiring for the number illumination work if your only using 2 wires? Don't all the illuminated UGDO have 3 wires; switched power, illumination and ground? Are you using the switched power for illumination also? I'm ready to install the UGDO in my Z but I'm not clear how to power the illumination. Thanks for any insight you may have.