19 October 2015

Clear Film Underhood Protection Pieces

One of the more sad parts in my engine bay is the clear film that protects the paint from the hood mechanism bumpers.  It is discolored and cracked and completely shot.  I have some 3M clear paint film in stock, so I decided to make my own replacements.  I could not find an original BMW part number for this film, although I did find the P/N for the clear, round paint film used at the hood and hatch bumpers.  I traced the OEM design with tracing paper, removed the old film with a lot of patience and a hair dryer, and applied the new film.  Looks (and works) way better than the 16-year-old film.

3M Clear Film = scraps in stock
Total price of this mod = $0.00
Total investment in vehicle to date = $672.29

Sad clear film

Template making from tracing paper


Film removed with hair dryer, plastic scraper, 3M adhesive remover, and lots of patience

New film installed

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