02 October 2015

A Little About the Car

LC60137 is a 2/99 build M coupe.  I am the 4th owner.  The car is Arctic Silver metallic over all black leather.  It has the optional CD player and the glass roof panel.  It has all-original body work and paint.  The first owner was a military helicopter pilot who bought the car in the US, shipped it to Germany while he was stationed there, then shipped it back when he was finished.  The first service was done at a German BMW dealer and the car came with that receipt.  Pretty cool.  The second owner was a doctor who only owned the car for a short time.  We think he confused M coupe with M3.  The third owner was an enthusiast who treated the car like it was meant to.  He did all the right upgrades and was meticulous with the service.  His mechanic mentioned the car might be for sale on the Z3/M coupe group on Facebook, I wrote to him, and secured first right of refusal even before the care was posted for sale.  It was actually never even listed for sale anywhere.

The car has stainless steel brake and clutch lines.  Ireland subframe bushings.  Strong Strut CL front and butt braces.  Whalen seat busings.  Bilstein HD shocks and new strut mounts.  Rouge Engineering rear shock mounts.  And all the right fluid and service history.

Here are some of the actual pictures the owner provided me.  You can see they aren't high resolution.  It is hard to know exactly what the condition of the car is.  All of my confidence in this transaction came from my conversations with the owner!  The 6 hour drive to see the car was a pretty good leap of faith on our part, I think!!

Here are some pictures of the car in the exact condition I got it, before even washing it.  You can see some rough spots but all in all she is very clean.  She needs a new headliner and the A and C pillars recovered.  Luckily I know someone who is good at upholstery.  There is some corrosion on the passenger side mirror base.  Some black painted parts need to be repainted.  The driver’s seat bolster has some wear.  Some trim is loose in the hatch.  The Denison ICE Like Dice Link Andrew Dice Clay is really hard to use and has alternator whine and I do not like it.  The front wheels are Chrome Shadow, the rear are Hypersilver.  She does already have LeatherZ armrests, both center and door.  She needs to be detailed, everywhere.  She does have the NLA Original BMW rear trunk mat.

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