25 October 2015

Rear Hatch Repairs: Lock and Wiper Washer Dribble

The early M coupes had issues with the rear hatch.  The first was the rods that connected the hatch key assembly to the motor actuator would come un-clipped and/or the center plastic fitting would crack.  The second was the rear wiper washer nozzle would dribble fluid under high speed corners.  These eventually both got addressed in production and on customer complaint basis.

The fixes to these issues were to add speed nuts to the hatch rods and to add a check valve to the wiper washer line.  I naively assumed that every coupe on the planet already had these fixes.  Not this one!  So I completed the fix myself.

Rear wiper hose, 61661357388, $5.90r
Rear wiper check valve, 61688391402, $4.87r
2 hose clamps for check valve, auto parts store du jour, $TBD
Speed nut, need 2, 51247065559, $0.34r each

Total cost of these mods = $11.45r
Total investment in vehicle to date = $705.74

You do not actually need the meter of hose shown on left, but BMW prescribed it in the original recall/warranty fix.
Remove qty 3 T30 Torx screws and let the latch mechanism be free in order to get better access.
You can see the added speed nuts if you look very closely. 
You can see the speed nuts installed on the rod ends here.  Use a small socket to press them into place.
Washer check valve shown here.  One hose clamp is shown, but the other was added after the picture.  The barbs on the check valve are so substantial, I suspect you could skip the clamps altogether.

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