21 October 2015

Removing Airbag Warning Labels on Visors

On my S54, I bought European visors to get rid of the airbag labels.  In Europe, the visors are just plain black.  Beautiful, but expensive.  In the spirit of this particular car however, I wanted to try the usual DIY with Goof Off.  It works ok.  Not perfect but much better than stock.  I followed Vinci's post here.  It took only a few minutes to get most of the labels off, but I probably spent 10 minutes per visor (read: a lot of time) with a tooth brush and more Goof Off to get them really clean.  I finished them with Aerospace 303 vinyl protectant.  Pics below.

Total price of this mod = $0.00 
Total investment in vehicle to date = $692.29

After first pass, but still "chalky".  10 minutes each with a tooth brush and more Goof Off to be finished.

Treated with Aerospace 303 vinyl protectant

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