15 October 2015

TBT: M coupe Watches

BMW sold special M coupe watches that looked like the speedometer on the original European S50 M coupe.  At the time they were originally sold in the US, they retailed for $60.86r.  They were made by Tourneau.  Each watch was numbered on the back case.  The first run of watches was a batch of 1600 pieces and the second run was a batch of 7500 pieces.

Equally rare, if not more so, there were Z3 Individual watches that exactly matched the face of the analog clock on the LCI Z3 roadsters and coupes, available with blue or red leather bands.  There was at least 1 run of these watches, limited to 5000 pieces (anyone have other data, please let me know!)

Yes, at one time LeatherZ sold a lot of watches.

UPDATE:  Someone wrote to me about this blog post and asked what I knew about another design of M coupe watch... an automatic one.  Pic below.  I will say this: this watch never appeared in the US Lifestyle catalogs.  I cannot see a BMW part number on it.  It may be real and it may have only been sold in other countries, but I doubt it.  

M coupe automatic ? watch.  I cannot validate its authenticity.


  1. I should've bought one of those from Leather Z (or Yark BMW) but who knew that I'd wind up buying a fifteen (>15) year old Coupe one day?!?!

    Sorry Jon, even if it isn't accurate in BMW parlance, I have always used Upper Case when spelling out Coupe, even before the Z4 version was introduced. I tried lower case in another response to you, but it just felt disrespectful, after all this time... ;)

  2. Hi Jon. WOW. I do have a very extensive knowledge about BMW watches, but this is ridiculous. So I can now say this, with 99% margin error: BMW actually made three batches, for three markets, Germany, UK and USA; I also have pictures with the 2 batches: 7500 pieces and 1600 pieces. So adding up with your info, total made of 14.100 piece. Talking about ,,limited edition" item :))))). Now, I need your help with the M Coupe Automatik watch. What do you know about it? I am 100% sure that is genuine, but don't have any pictures in the or part number. I added you on facebook: Florian Marius Lazar :D Thank you in advance

    Best regards,