10 October 2015

Chrome Bits & Radar Detector

I installed chrome door lock pins and a chrome emergency brake button, both from LeatherZ.  Some cars were factory-fitted with a Chrome Design Package, but most, like this one, were not.  They don't make the car go any faster but they do look and feel better than cheap black plastic.  In addition to these pieces, the Chrome Design Package included chrome interior door handles.  I will be adding these as well in a future mod when I have the door panels apart.

Also installed a hardwired Passport 9500ix radar detector.  I used a Smartcord and mounted the mute button on the side of the steering wheel.  This makes it easier and less obvious when you need to hit the mute button.

Chrome door lock pins, LeatherZ.com, $16.00r 
Chrome emergency brake button, LeatherZ.com, $12.00r 
Passport Smartcord, escortradar.com, $29.95r
Total price of this mod = $57.95
Total investment in vehicle to date = $149.95

The remote mute button adds convenience.

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