06 October 2015

Let's Light Up the Sunroof Switch

The sunroof switch does not light up, but it's capable of lighting.  No idea why BMW did it this way.  Maybe they intentionally thought the lighted switch would be distracting.  Maybe they just made a mistake.

This is an old mod that was originally pioneered by Ron Stygar.  It is hard to find some of Ron's early how-tos nowadays.  Here is how he did it.  Remove the switch from the headliner.  Switch the wire pairs at the roof and you are set.  The job is much easier if you have BMW pin removal tool 83300495394.  She will light up now.  At the same time, I am upgrading the black switch surround to chrome.  One of Ron's original posts, with links to pictures, is here.

I assumed every coupe on the planet has already had this mod, but this one had not.

Chrome sunroof surround,LeatherZ.com, $17.00r 
Total price of this mod = $17.00
Total investment in vehicle to date = $92.00

The is the correct configuration of wire to get the switch to light.

Lighted switch wiring configuration.

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