30 October 2015

Front Sway Bar Service

Replacing the wearable parts on the front sway bar is simple.  A thin 16mm open end wrench makes it easy to counterhold the self locking nuts.

Front sway bar mounting bushings, 31351135805, $21.23r each
Front sway bar stabilizer arms, Lemforder from FCP Euro, 31352227203, $29.77r each
Front sway bar stabilizer arm nuts, 07129964672, need 4, $1.03r each

Total cost of this mod = $106.12
Total investment in vehicle = $1,114.92

You will need a very thin wrench like this one 

The Lemforders look exactly like what came off the car.

TIS says tighten these to 21 Nm in "normal position" which I take to mean weight on wheels

New on top, old on bottom

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